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Do's and Don'ts
Just follow these simple hints and start losing weight!
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FormulaOne General Information*

Hints to Increase Your Success using FormulaOne

DO- Continue to eat when you are hungry. Changing the foods that your system is accustomed to will put your body in a defensive posture thus reducing the effectiveness of FormulaOne and your ability to metabolize stored fats.

DO- Increase your intake of water , especially within one hour of taking each dose of Formula-One. The increased fluids will help the ingredients in Formula-One remove fats and toxins from your bloodstream and and activate the energy inhancing factors of FormulaOne. Drink AT LEAST two 16oz. glasses of water with each dose. (This can be spread out over a few minutes, there is no need to "chug-a-lug" a full glass.)

DO- Walk and exercise normally, especially if your job or schedule requires you to be idle for more than a couple of hours at a time. Exercise increases blood flow, enabling FormulaOne to work more effectively.

DO- Try to plan your doses of FormulaOne at the same time prior to the most active part of your day to minimize the side effects. Regular dose times will reduce the possibility of that "tingly feeling".

DO- Eat a balanced diet and take a vitamin and mineral supplement such as One-A-Daytm or Centrumtmas this will help you maintain healthy muscles and skin tone as well as reduce the possibility of energy swings. (Up's and Down's) that may result from the energy enhancing herbs in FormulaOne.

DON'T- Use FormulaOne if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, Liver, Kidney, or Heart disease, Anxiety, or any Mental condition,without consulting your Health Care Professional.

DON'T- Use FormulaOne if you are Pregnant, nursing, or plan to become pregnant in the near future.

DON'T- Change your eating habits or count calories. FormulaOne is powerful and will help you unconciously reduce your appetite and cravings.

DONT- Radically change your exercise program. If you desire to improve your physical condition, start with a brisk walk after your evening meal and gradually work up to a more comprehensive workout.

*These suggestions are compiled from input of our FormulaOne customers at SAM National that have achieved their weight loss goals. These statements have not been evaluated by professional medical personnel and are not necessarily endorsed by the manufacturer.
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